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Our Advantage

Other designs deliver partial tonnage with offset loads Full tonnage is available on ALLSTEEL machines with offset load

Two-cylinder hydraulic machines; partial tonnage available with offset load.

ALLSTEEL hydro-mechanical machines; full tonnage available with offset load...  Fast approach and return speed, variable stroke length.

Failure of a balancing system in other designs can be expensive! ALLSTEEL's system keeps the ram level

Hydraulic balancing systems can fail, causing expensive die damage!

Why take this risk with your valuable tooling?  Simple dirt contamination of a valve could cost thousands of dollars.  Furthermore full tonnage is available only at the center of the ram, or with balanced load distribution.

With the ALLSTEEL system, it is impossible for the ram to get out of level, regardless of off-center loading.

Infinitely variable pressing speed and pressing stroke length.

Unlike hydraulic machines the ALLSTEEL system is designed to deliver full rated tonnage at either end of the ram, this means much more flexibility in job setup.

Allsteel Straight Side Press

Straight Side Press
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Cybelec CNC Control
The optional DNC 60 is designed for multi application purposes. Depending on which software it is eq Read more
Our Advantage
Two-cylinder hydraulic machines; partial tonnage available with offset load. AL Read more
Standard Features
Standard Features       Low headroom design reduces facility expenses. &nbs Read more
Optional Features
Optional Features       PLC based controller for high speed machines and to Read more

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