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Our Advantage

Allsteel Tank Head Press Advantages Allsteel Tank Head Press Advantages

The ALLSTEEL Dish Forming Press are robust, durable, and easy to operate with low maintenance costs.

The ALLSTEEL Tank Head Press process is the right answer for each and every customer that wants to:


  •     increase throughput to grow market share
  •     improve overall quality and consistency
  •     increase efficiencies to reduce costs
  •     produce high volume to lower costs per unit
  •     produce JIT (just in time) to improve cash flow
  •     produce dishing only on small volume items
  •     produce dishing and knuckling on large volume items


Allsteel Tank Head Press


Major benefits of using ALLSTEEL Dishing/Forming process are:


  •     The knuckled and dished heads can be done in one hit.
  •     Non-contact dish head forming with no polishing required.
  •     High repeatability and consistency for superior quality.
  •     Space optimization with less WIP.
  •     PLC controlled process with part programming to prevent human errors.
  •     Flexibility to process Aluminum, Stainless and Carbon steel.


The knuckle may be formed to meet ASME requirements for knuckle radius along with the desired straight flange.

Allsteel Tank Head Press

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