Thursday June 8, 2023
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Allsteel Press Brake Service and Hydraulic Shear Service



At Allsteel, we are well recommended and trusted by many to maintain and service all of your Allsteel machinery. From a routine shear blade flip to a repair or a complete rebuild/service on your press brake or shear, Allsteel press brake, hydraulic shear and machinery service can provide you with any solution. We perform all the necessary services to fix your machine's and get them back to the OEM specifications they left the factory with.


We have serviced, repaired and re-built Allsteel press brakes, Allsteel straight side presses, Allsteel tank head presses, Allsteel hydraulic shears, Allsteel hydro-mechanical shears over 60 years. Power press brakes (also known as brake presses), hand brakes (also known as leaf brakes), finger brakes, box (pan) brakes, power shears, foot shears (also known as jump shears), angle and bar shears, flying cut-off shears, high speed shears, power squaring shears, plate shears and more have all been serviced by Allsteel.

Allsteel's Press Brake and Shear services are unmatched with our versatility. From line boring pin bores, re-building clutches and brakes, over-hauling ram adjustment mechanisms, re-fitting ball screws and cups, fabrication and fitting of new bronze bearings and bushings, gearbox repairs and service, installation and sales of new shear blades, rotating existing blades to a unused edge, mounting and leveling, getting new parts or completely re-building your Allsteel machine.


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