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Proficom is a nationally based Commercial Finance Institution, focused on providing one stop financing solutions to small and medium sized Businesses and Vendors.
Since 1987, Commitment and Expertise have been the two key words that are the foundation of Proficom’s corporate strategy. Behind these two concepts, there are 40 high level partners who share their energy and knowledge for the benefit of customers that are becoming more and more sophisticated in their financing requirements.


In the current economy, selecting a financial partner is crucial to growing a business. Proficom’s team of partners are leaders in developing financial solutions that are customized to the customer’s growing and complex needs.


Through our solid alliance with a multitude of Leasing and Financial Institutions, Banks, Insurance companies and Private Finance companies across Canada, Proficom is your one stop solution to financing.


6 reasons for choosing Proficom:


    Maximized financing - we finance up to 100% of the acquisition, including taxes.
    Maintain your borrowing capacity with your lender for your short-term operational costs.
    Diversification of loans.
    Simple funding application with a quick response.
    Variation in types of equipment financed.
    Customized funding to suit your needs (payments, irregular, seasonal).


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